Wednesday, 19 March 2014

This Morning

We just spent the morning with the oncologist and have a lot of information to process.  The stomach stage 4 cancer I have is very aggressive and has spread to several organs all ready.  No early warning – lab check ups over the past several years have all come in “perfect” as my Doctor in Burnaby often said. 
I lost my appetite in Hawaii and checked in with our new doctor here in Bellingham – who ordered a CAT scan within 5 days and there it was full blown stomach cancer.  Humanly speaking I have a few months maybe 3-6 with no treatment and maybe a few more with treatment. 
We are trying to discern what is best to do weighing quality of life with length of life if Chemo does in fact work.  In any case I may be in heaven soon unless the Lord chooses to bless us with a miraculous healing.  Our three daughters, husbands, 8 grandchildren and Marcia are trying to process all of this that has come so suddenly. 
I told the doctor my loving heavenly Father has given me 74 years of amazing health, no surgeries, no taking of medication, high energy and an amazing time in all the ministry assignments the Lord has invited us into.  And my heavenly Father will take care of what lies ahead.
Love ya,
Carlin and Marcia
Psalm 56: 9b,10,11a,13


  1. How similar were my thoughts when i started the cancer fight. Is it not profound how all the cares of the world pass away and we are left with relationships. Besides Emma's bbq is coming up, a good time to get your appetite back...

  2. Dear Carlin and Marcia ~
    We are saddened to hear this shocking news! Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family as you begin this journey...however long it is.
    "Therefore let those who suffer according to God's will entrust theiir souls to a faithful Creator while doiing good."
    I Peter 4:19
    With our love and prayers,
    Erwin and Rebecca Lutzer