Tuesday, 1 April 2014

First Treatment

April 1, 2014
Dear praying family and friends,
On March 30th the day before I went in for my first infusion, I read Psalm 71 in my Daily Reading Bible. Practically every verse of the 24 verses had practical and in places specific counsel for me regarding my upcoming Chemo therapy. It was like my loving Heavenly Father was saying, “I have known you from your birth, your childhood and now in your old age and grey hairs,” verse 19. It was so precious, like having my Heavenly Father sitting in a chair next to me. 

I copied it out and had it with me during my infusion yesterday (March 31st) and underlined the many verses of blessings again as the drip sent the strong chemicals into the port on my chest.
The facilities, doctors, nursing staff and support team at the Cancer Clinic adjacent to Saint Joe’s hospital in Bellingham, WA are an amazing, kind, gentle and very informed group of professionals. I’m told by doctors and oncologists not associated with my Bellingham team that I am receiving the “Gold Standard” in chemo treatment, the same anyone would receive at Mayo or any other large cancer facility in the US.
So man can do some amazing things but you and I know it is the Lord who heals whether by miracle or medicine. We leave all of this in His caring and loving hands.
Being my first treatment of a proposed 6 over 18 weeks (one major infusion every three weeks) I’m not sure what the 3 week cycle will look like regarding how I should be feeling etc. Knowing the cancer now has a fight on its hands with the chemicals I’m receiving encourages me that it is no longer running unabated. I slept well last night after the infusion earlier in the day. Ate my usual breakfast and so far no side effects except some light tingling in my hands which is a well documented side effect related to one of the drugs. I have lost weight because of restricted appetite which may stabilize some now. I’m experiencing no pain to date but operate at a much lower energy level then I am used to. So we are looking to what the Lord has for us in all of this.
Our three daughters and their families will be joining us this weekend. Our oldest daughter, Cheri, lives in Abbotsford, BC, Lynda, our middle daughter, is in Duncan on Vancouver Island and Beck, our youngest, lives in Fresno, California. We are looking forward to all of us being together for a few days.
We are not sure how often we will send an update to our blog but feel free to tell others of the blogspot (www.carlinsjourney.blogspot.com) where we do hope to keep in touch with you. Thank you, thank you again for your love, prayer, and cards. Our home is in a small village by the ocean in a place known locally as Birch Bay, Washington.
Our USA mailing address is:
8324 Fawn Crescent
Blaine, WA 98230
Carlin and Marcia
Romans 15:13

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  1. I am a cancer survivor & a friend of Lisa's. I also posted updates for friends & family. It is a beautiful thing to share & I loved my "posse". Your faith is comforting. I pray that you are blessed with a miracle & that your faith continue to bring comfort to you & others. Hugs, Diane