Saturday, 19 April 2014

Carlin is now Safely Home

Carlin passed away into the arms of Jesus this morning at 7 a.m. Pacific time.
Oh, when God called him Home, He chose to do it quickly.   He was asleep. 
I am so very grateful to our tender Heavenly Father for His care of Carlin over these past weeks.  It has been only 5 weeks and 5 days since diagnosis, and it has been fast, though in some ways it has seemed much longer.  What an amazing journey, from seeming full health to stepping into Glory. 
We smile when we think that God took him on Easter weekend.  Our Lynda laughed through tears as she said, “Isn’t this just like Dad, to go at a big event!  He liked big events.”  We all agree.
I had been up several times with him during the night last night, tending to his needs, and then lying back down on my mat beside his bed.  A nurse had told me last week that I needed to be close in case he tried to get out of bed, and would fall.  So I had a good mat there. 
At 4:30 I was awake (when I talked with our three daughters this morning, they all said they were awake as well) and I just started praying, out real loud, so I could be sure Carlin would hear my voice, and I prayed over everything.  I prayed loudly over the upcoming graveside service and the Memorial Service, I prayed over everyone individually who will be involved, I prayed that God would prepare people-- everyone who will come and be in attendance, that God in His mighty power and by His Spirit would do amazing things in peoples’ hearts, and that there would be more people in the Kingdom because of this final thing/part of Carlin’s ministry on earth.  
I prayed through Scripture promises, and for family and others, and praised God, as I went through His attributes, etc., etc., etc. for about an hour and a half.  Then I went to the kitchen to get breakfast, went back and stood at the foot of Carlin’s bed and prayed some more.  I picked up all the pieces of my mat and tucked them away, and swept up the floor.  (Carlin had been losing a lot of hair because of his chemo infusion.)  A nurse was expected later today.  Then I went back to the kitchen to get my cup of coffee, and to start the computers—Carlin’s and mine—to see if there had been  any overnight mail.  That was when I went back to check on Carlin and found he was gone.  I could tell immediately.  It was written on his face.  I watched for breathing movement on his quilt, and felt for his heartbeat, and then tears and sobs were all over the place.
Oh.  It is so overwhelming to think he is gone.  It feels like I am in a vast ocean, with huge swells / waves of grief and then quiet moments of assurances, then another wave.  You who have lost someone know exactly what that is.  It is a new experience to walk through.
How grateful I am to God for what he gave me in Carlin.  What a life.  We did so much together.  I am so grateful that God is my “Portion and my Cup” for now and for whatever days God leaves me here on earth.  I have every reason to treasure Heaven more than ever before.  Oh, I wish I could see the reunion in Heaven today!
I am so grateful for my precious family.  Cheri and Lynda are coming to stay with me for a couple of days.  Yesterday Cheri and Howard were here and Howard sat with Carlin to tell him all he wanted to of appreciation for their relationship and he sat and sang to Carlin.  Other dear friends have come several times to sing over him and pray over him. 
There will be a graveside service for Carlin on Friday, May 2.   The Memorial Service for Carlin will be at Willingdon Church, 4812 Willingdon Ave., Burnaby, BC at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 3.  Pray that great glory will be brought to Jesus’ name.
Thank you for following Carlin’s journey over these past days. 
Special thanks to you, Ray, for what you have done for Carlin and I.  Truly a gift that has reached out, informed, and helped us to process the journey.
Love to you all,
Marcia and family
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  1. Dear Marcia and family,

    Ron and I heard the news of when Carlin was diagnosed and we were praying for him and your family and we just heard the news of his passing too and want to say how very sorry we are for you but we know he entered into the presence of our beautiful Lord Jesus and we are grateful for that amazing reunion we're sure he had and on this very special weekend. We are praying God's comfort and peace and love will fill you as your family and friends surround you during this difficult time. We will miss Carlin and never forget what a great man of God he was and he will always hold a special place in our hearts bc he was our first pastor as a dating then married couple. Lots of love, Ron and Wendy Rehwald

  2. Very sorry to hear of this news, but so thankful that you have all been such a positive force in the world and have had the chance to enjoy a wonderful journey. May God hold you close over the next weeks and years, and may you all find support from friends all over the world.

    Rob Hildebrand (the little boy at 206 Cedar Cr.)

  3. Love, condolences and prayers on this Easter Sunday morning in Ukraine. Carlin had an enormous and positive influence on so many of us for so many years. What a legacy. We would be with you on Saturday if we could. Wes and Kim Janzen in Kyiv.

  4. Christ died for our sins and went to heaven so that when we die we to will go there to be with him forever. This is what we celebrate this weekend. What a time to die. He is risen indeed. Praying. Briercrest grad. '83 Esther Playfair Baker

  5. i just saw this on Melodee Gaertner's Facebook wall. i had no idea! I'm so sorry to hear about this. my heart goes out to you Marcia. what a beautiful and well-written account. i will be thinking about and praying for you.

  6. Dear Marcia,

    Sending our love across the ocean. We have been praying these past weeks, as George has been keeping us updated. Thank you for this lovely and honest post.

    Paul & I were listening to a bluegrass album yesterday afternoon and it seemed each song was of heaven. I was making Paul an Easter treat - so as I was sat rolling dozens of fleisch perishky for most of the afternoon I was humming and praying for Carlin and the heavenly mansion awaiting him. Our afternoon is your morning - so what an encouragement from the Spirit to be singing for him while he entered Glory!

    I was remembering how Carlin was such a caring pastor and friend. I think one of favorite memories of him came from the time that our offices were side by side at Willingdon. We had been chatting one morning in the hallway before each of us going back to our work. Mine was on the computer but his was making pastoral calls. And since it was my birthday, no sooner had I got back to my desk, did my phone ring. It was Carlin, seated in the next office, calling me to wish me a happy birthday! I remember laughing and telling him he could have just said it in the hallway. He laughed too, but said, then it wouldn't be a birthday call - and everyone should have at least one birthday call. Of course, he then prayed for me. Sweet man.

    Our love to you and all the family.
    Louanne & Paul

  7. Gerry and I send our love and deepest sympathy to you, Cheri, Lynda and Becki and families. My Mother will be greeting Carlin inside those gates.
    Love and prayers,
    Gerry and Dayle (Babcock) Goertzen

  8. Thank you for his years of service to me and my family. Condolences and prayers for you and your family.
    ~Timothy Leung (Choi-Ping Leung's son)

  9. I am sorry for your loss, and the loss of Carlin to many. . .he impacted my life from up close and afar. I attended Willingdon while at BCIT 1991 - 1993. . . his love for Jesus and His people stood out. . . When I began pastoring in Kelowna, he always had a word of encouragement for me. . . thank you for sharing him with us. . . the wake of his life is large and good! Mike Penninga

  10. Tim Van Brummelen20 April 2014 at 08:16

    Peace, strength and comfort be with you! Carlin's wisdom, humour and positive spirit had an impact on everyone he touched. His heart for Jesus and people was always so evident when I met him at Willow Park Church or at MB Conferences. He always had an encouraging word and a great smile! Prayers and thoughts are with you, Marcia, Howard and Cheri and the rest of the family!

  11. Sorry to hear about this and yet rejoicing in the fact that Carlin is now with his precious Jesus. I met Carlin while at Briercrest Bible College back in the 1970's. I always saw him as a man of God. He will be missed. God be with you and your family during this time.
    -- Tim Krause (BBI 1973-77)

  12. Dear Marcia,

    You and Carlin have been such a blessing in my spiritual walk with Jesus. Words are not enough to express my appreciation. The passing of Carlin was sure a schock for every one. It is a tremendous loss for you and the family and all of us, yet we have to look at it in God's view and will for his life. Carlin has done extremely well and the Lord wanted him to be in His Kingdom, which is far better than to be on this earth.

    I remembered the first time I visited Willingdon and on the way out of the sanctuary he greeting the congregation and he recognized me as a new person in the crowd, which amazed me. How could he know that I was a new visitor, among those hundreds of people? I was invited right there and then to come and join the Bible study at your home, which I gladly accepted. I felt so welcomed and felt the warmth among the group. I am very grateful for your friendship and support in my spiritual growth. I cherish you in my heart and continue to offer my prayer for you and the family. May our gracious Lord be a comfort to you, filling your heart with His peace and joy in the midst of this difficult time.

    Lita Chow