Saturday, 19 July 2014

Lunch with friends

I am amazed there are still hits on the blog, now three months since Carlin passed away.  Every once in a while I read something that could go to the blog, I suppose.  It would be nice to hear what people would write back and interact with me sometimes.
Today I was out for lunch with two couples who have been dear friends of Carlin and I for years.  We were a three couple friendship often going out to eat together.  Today when I walked up to a table set for 5, it was so sadly obvious Carlin was missing.  Tears.  Among many things we talked about, we also talked about how immensely more difficult it would be to lose your spouse young with little children in the home.
I grieve by tears at odd times, and memories sometimes bring tears.  But I am experiencing God’s tender comforts and presence in the most precious ways.  I am not asking why.  I am not blaming God, nor am I feeling any anger.  He is precious, precious to me.  He has sent helpers when I’ve needed them.  And lots of times with friends.  I’ve been busy beyond what I would have imagined just tending to things that need to be tended to.
Tonight I watched the DVD of Carlin’s Memorial Service on the big screen.  I pray God will continue to use that service should people still pull it up on the blog.
Love you,

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