Saturday, 9 August 2014

Are you still doing the blog?

Time is passing swiftly by.  This is Carlin’s 112th day in Heaven—but who is counting!  Truly, no one up there is!  I’m thinking Carlin is singing, laughing, rejoicing—and maybe even praying for his loved ones and friends here on earth.  There are some who believe they have Scriptural backing to believe that may be true.  I think of all the folks he must be enjoying there, as there are so many who have gone before!
Here we have so many things to do.  I’m occupied with lots.  There are many friends to be with and visit with.  There are repairs on the cottage.  Etc.  And I’ve been out and about.  Have you ever noticed how very much area is devoted to men’s clothing and accessories in department stores?  One of my first times out shopping I happened to walk into a store right into a men’s department, and my heart skipped a beat and my eyes got misty.  I muse how I notice them now.
Years ago Carlin asked me what would be an idea of gifts he could give me and what I would like, so without missing a beat I replied, “Oh, earrings.  I love earrings.”  From then on for every birthday, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and other days he would give me earrings!  Though early on, he would sometimes return from a trip to some far country with rings—a diamond ring from Israel, an amethyst ring from Turkey, a Diana birthstone ring from somewhere else.  He gave me a 15 year anniversary ring, a 25 year anniversary ring and a 50 year anniversary ring.  Now, as our 52nd anniversary approaches, I get a little teary.  Carlin had an amazing ability to choose the most appropriate and special cards.  I’ve kept many of them.
But back to the earring story.  For Valentine’s Day this year Carlin gave me a set of tri-gold, diamond cut earrings.  He was not well after that, that we noticed.  As I cared for him for his remaining weeks on earth I wore those earrings every day.  After Carlin passed away, I went to my drawer to get them again, and they were missing.  I looked everywhere, in every pocket, under every cushion, knowing as I slept on a mat on the floor next to Carlin’s hospital bed in the library, I may have taken them off and laid them on a side table.  I asked my Bible study girls to pray I would find them.  This was such a loss.  They were Carlin’s last gift to me. 
One day, a couple of weeks later, I was in a department store and just perused the jewelry cases, when there!  A pair of earrings like the ones Carlin had given me.  The price tag said $400.  I couldn’t believe he would spend that much.  Perhaps he had gotten them on a sale.  Or he perhaps realized this would be his last gift to me.  Again, the tears came to the surface.  Later a friend said, “Marcia, you must go and buy those earrings.”  Well, it took me a while to determine if I should. 
Yesterday there was a big sale at the store and I went once again, to check out the jewelry cases to see if those earrings were still there.  Yes, there was a pair very similar to Carlin’s.  And they were on sale at 60% off, and with coupons, I purchased them for $90.  Carlin would be pleased that I had gotten such a good deal!  Thank You, Lord.
As these days have passed since Carlin’s death, I have wished I could hear from you who read this blog.  Communication is comforting and inspiring.
I must tell you, how God is caring for me, is ever present with me, is such a joy to me.  Truly, when He said He would send a Comforter, there was a reason why that is His name!  Thank you to those who have included me in your prayers.  How I value friends.
Yesterday’s devotions included Psalm 30:11 and 12:  “You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing.  You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy, that I might sing praises to you and not be silent.  O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever!”  Amen!  Yes!  Precious Jesus!
Blessings on your day!

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