Saturday, 9 August 2014

Special Blessing for our Anniversary

I want to share a special blessing I received in the mail yesterday. 

It was a parcel from Becky (our youngest daughter, living in CA).  The card inside with what she had written that moved me to tears: 

“Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad, I hope it’s appropriate to say that and still celebrate what August 11, 1962 was and always will be—the start of a wonderful relationship between you two as husband and wife.  You were a wonderful wife, Mom. 

Well done. 

Love you very much!  XO  Becky and boys.” 

The gift box has a bunch of little gifts individually wrapped, to be opened August 11, “that remind me of you, and I hope bring you a little joy on this day that will always be special.”  Tender heart.  Gracious Father!

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