Sunday, 21 September 2014

Five months

Dear Friends of the Blog,

It was five months ago yesterday that Carlin entered into GLORY! 

Do you ever wish you knew more about what loved ones who have died have experienced over the time since they passed away?  I sometimes wonder why we were not given more details, but then I come back to the fact that it must be so far beyond our human ability to comprehend, that He gave us just bits of information.  When we get there I imagine we will say, "Oh that's what that verse was talking about!"

I am learning to handle life alone, amongst many friends and loved ones, I am alone.  Not lonely, though, which I'm sure is hard to understand.  I told friends yesterday that some of the time I feel strong and able for anything, and then I have bits of time when I feel as fragile as a feather blowing in the wind.  There are bright, beautiful, wonderful days, and there are dreary days—and I'm not talking about the weather.  Devotions are precious times of hearing my Father talk to me.  I praise Him for His presence.

A dear friend has written a book called Caring for Widows, You and Your Church Can Make a Difference.  (Wesley M. Teterud, Baker Publishing, ISBN 0-8010-8909-3)  I read it a few years ago, and then I read it after Carlin passed away.  It was more profound this last time.  It's a very practical, well written book.  I've recently given a copy to my church leaders, as they are beginning to make plans on how to minister to widows.  I've been asked to be a resource person with them as well as with a funeral director in Bellingham, who wants to begin a drop in place for widows.

It is interesting how folks want to talk with you.  Many say, "How are you doing?"  And of course, "I'm fine," is the correct answer to the question.  Some offer specific help.  "Would you like me to come mow your lawn on Tuesday?"  Widows need help, I think, especially initially as there are so many details to be tended to, so many things they now need to learn to handle alone.  We would like to be the one doing for others, and find it hard to dredge up something others could do for you when they ask, "Is there something I could do?"  Everything costs money, services cost money which we have to be careful about, so acts of service from fellow believers is truly a blessing and a gift.  Abundantly appreciated.

I have a sister and sister-in-law in failing health who need my care.  I am weighing when I can travel to be with them and if I'm up to it yet.  Thank you for praying and caring.  God will bless you for it.



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