Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Thinking of you today

Hi Marcia,
I was thinking of you today and thought I’d check in. I took a look at your blog, and sure enough, found some updates from you. Thank you for your open life as you walk through this valley. I still think of Carlin’s interest in using technology and how pleased he would be that technology has been a tool to bring and to send messages of comfort.
We’ve just gone through another valley from afar, with the death of Hugo Reimer. Hugo was the pastor who prayed with Bob when Bob decided it was time to give his life control back to God. As we had prayed with and for them through their journey, it was a fresh heart wrenching a week and a half ago when Connie and their daughter Rinette were back in our Vanderhoof church and talked with the church family.
So hard to understand God’s timing and plan.
I can’t remember who it was I was talking with about Carlin’s memorial service – likely either Mel Fehr or Denis Federau. I had commented on how heart encouraging it was. Either Mel or Denis had quickly responded with, “That wasn’t a service; that was a benediction.” I agreed. It felt as though you and Carlin had planned the service as a gift to those who were there, in the way you pointed us all to the one who gives life. It is great that others are able to watch it.
We pray for you and the girls and their families often as you come to mind. As the uninvited tears start to show up less often and as your heart starts to adjust to feeling warm as you put on the earrings rather than sad, my prayer is for you to have a sense of purpose in your days. I’m so glad for your continued connection with friends. Blessing on you Marcia.

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