Friday, 31 October 2014

How God is a husband to me

Hi, Ray, and Bloggers,
The following letter is one I sent to a dear friend who has lost her father recently and lives in a rather unhappy marriage.
The list below is something that has been a great comfort and encouragement as I have thought it through.  Perhaps it will bless some of you, too.
Thank you for your letter.
I am in the midst of having the front deck replaced, as it has rotted some since it was built in 1992!  Phew.  Today I removed the brick pavers that are on each side of the sidewalk.  You probably remember.  They need to be reset.  By removing them myself it saves some of the cost of labour, etc.  It was a beautiful day here today—sunshiny like yours!
My heart beats with yours as you experience so many who want to be consoling and helpful but just do not know how to, really.  I appreciate their efforts and love them for trying.  We can’t expect them to know what we are going through—ha, because I can’t put it into words myself!  God has promised grace to us, through us, I guess.  You expressed your feelings very well.
I am finding the Comforter very comforting.  Just the other day I read in my very favourite devotional book, Come Away My Beloved, how God is our husband.  It is so right where I am at!  I was amazed:
“O, My beloved, ye do not need to make your path (like a snow plow), for lo, I say unto thee, I go before you.  Yea, I shall engineer circumstances on they behalf.  I am thy husband,  and I will protect thee and care for thee, and make full provision for thee.  I know thy need, and I am concerned for thee: for thy peace, for thy health, for thy strength. . .ye need to take time to renew thine energies, both spiritual and physical. . .They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.  And Jesus said, Come ye apart and rest a little while. . .I minister to thee in solitude that ye may minister of Me to others as a spontaneous overflow of our communion.  . .Set thy heart to be at peace and to sit at My feet. . .Learn to be ready, but not to be anxious.  Learn to say ‘no’ to the demands of men and to say ‘yes’ to the call of the Spirit.  Etc. Etc.
The next morning I was lying in bed I began thinking of all the ways God is a husband to me.  It became quite a list-- some are Scripture, some are songs:
He is altogether lovely.  I am amazed that He has chosen me to be His
He loves me with perfect love.  Unfailing, unchanging.  He is the Lover of my soul
He is always with me
He cares for me and provides everything I need.
He notices my tears and keeps them in His bottle.
He forgives me
He is patient with me
He holds me by my right hand
Underneath are the everlasting arms
He hears my cry, He listens to me
I can hear His voice as He speaks to me—by the Spirit in songs, messages, my devotions, etc.
He remembers
He comforts me in my distress
He sings over me
He is my Helper
He is a Rock, a firm, trustworthy Person
He walks with me, and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own, and the joy we share as we travel there. . .
He keeps His promises
He whispers “peace be still” to me
Of course, I told myself, God is so much more than a husband could possibly be.
He knows all things, and everything about me and my circumstances.
He created all the beauty He has given me to enjoy
He took my infirmities and sicknesses
He gave me His Spirit to empower me.
He planned my whole life for me—before I was even born.
The list could go on much longer!  You probably already think it’s too much!  Ha.
One thing I know, I have no fear, for He is with me.  There is none upon earth that I desire beside Him.
I hope some of these thoughts will encourage you, too, my precious friend.  Thank you for praying.  You are on my prayer list, too.
It seems your husband is a very driven person, taking on more and more.  Perhaps there is something in his upbringing that caused him to need to prove he was better than. . .could win the approval of . . .needs a lot of affirmation???
Bless you for hanging in there, making lemonade out of lemons.  You are such a beautiful person, and I kind of wonder if it is because of the things you have suffered.
Love you,

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