Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Hi Marcia,
I just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you that you I will be praying for you during this first Christmas without your dear husband.
You have been on my mind lots these past few days. As you are well aware, these holidays are hard on the heart. (especially the "Firsts"!) 
I was reading your blog and loved one of the quotes… "That God will give you moments of joy to mix with the tears". What beautiful words. This is my prayer for you as well. Carlin is safe in heaven and I know you are rejoicing in that but your heart also aches and longs to be with him.
I pray that God will mend your broken heart. That He will hold you in the palm of his great big hands and give you the comfort and peace that you crave.
I also will be praying for your Children and your Grandchildren. Give my Lynda an extra big hug!
You have a special place in my heart!
Big Christmas Hugs,
Rose Strohschein

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