Monday, 9 March 2015

You and Carlin Blessed Me

Greetings Marcia.
As I was reading Colossians today I was reminded of your blog and my desire to write to you a year ago.
You probably don't remember me because I only met you once but that encounter left an impression on me. 
When I was 15 I began attending Willingdon and quickly joined the choir even though I wasn't  a believer, but I wanted to feel like I belonged,  like I had a family. 
I had a rocky childhood growing up more then poor on a reservation and when I started to attend church most of my family didn't understand since they had rough experiences in residential schools.
Well in 2004 I signed up for TREK and when it came time for us trekkers to invite people to our coffee and cake send off I had no family that wanted to come.
On the night of the event I saw you and Carlin in attendance and when it was time for people to pray for each group,  you two walked up and put your arms around me and prayed for my team. 
I was so Blessed by that,  you showed up and my heart still smiles when I think about it.
Thank you,  Leaha.

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