Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Sunday was the one year mark since Carlin’s Memorial Service

A few days ago, a friend, a dear long-time friend, called to ask how I was doing and to pass on some words of comfort.  I was blessed.  But after the conversation, it hit me that here is someone who reaches out to speak comfort, when he is needing encouragements living with his dear wife who has Alzheimers.  Day in and day out, as the days roll on, he is there helping her.  I think I failed to comfort him.  Pray for him, as you do pray for those you know who so need a touch.
Sunday was the one year mark since Carlin’s Memorial Service.  These days are lonelier.  But God gives me so many special things.  i.e. coming across what Isaac Watts wrote: 
“My God how endless is Thy love!
                       Thy gifts are every evening new,
            And morning mercies from above
                        gently distill like early dew.
            Thou spreadest the curtains of the night—
                        Great Guardian of my sleeping hours;
            Thy Sovereign word restores the light
                        And quickens all my drowsy powers.
            I yield my powers to Thy command
                        To Thee I consecrate my days;
            Perpetual blessings from Thy hand
                        demand perpetual songs of praise.”
Those last two phrases hit me.  Yes, perpetual praise.  God inhabits the praises of His people!  The spirit of praise for the spirit of heaviness.  I will sing praise because He is worthy of all my praise.  (I feel like I’m preaching a sermon!  Not intended.)
Anita Corrine Donahue prayed this—it expresses so much where I am at right now:
“Thank you for loving me.  From You came my very being.  In You is my course of life.  You know my needs, my abilities, my longings.  You listen to my joys, my sadness, my frustrations, my dreams.  You are my everlasting Father.
Thank You for always being present with me.  When I call on Your name, I praise You for already being here.  My Abba, which art in Heaven.  Tender love.  You hear my cry.  You see me whole, complete, pure, healed because You see me through Jesus.  Thank You for providing a Paraclete, the One Who is able to carry away the sins of the whole world.  Thank you that Jesus is there at Your right hand, interceding for me.  My comfort by day, and my song in the night, my hope, my salvation, my all.”
See how wonderfully God gives comforts throughout the days!  Different things are reminders of His awesome, unfailing, everlasting love and care.  Even phone calls from dear old friends.
I trust you are blessed today.  Thank you for your notes telling me you are still praying.

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