Monday, 12 May 2014

1 Peter 5:7

Dear Marcia,
Oh I'd like to give you and the girls big hugs.   
Thank the Lord for websites and blogs, on which you have written so genuinely. I cried when I learned of Carlin's journey home. 
I want to thank you for sharing so, and so many memories flooded back. Finding out he had a heart for the rural areas of Montana was a blessing.  Participating in the staff prayer meetings, (especially the Wednesday we prayed especially for you and your treatments, asking God to spare your life) is one I'll never forget, and taught me the power of corporate prayer.  
Preparing for Youth Quake - seeing him on the roof of Sparrow Gardens waiting for the SnowBirds to come spreading their wings over the YQrs, and the anticipation in his eyes as he watched the married students below, preparing their ice cream banana splits.  Because I was the secretary at faculty meetings, it was quite a privilege to watch the teachers work together for students' good.  We had quite a privilege serving at Briercrest, touching lives. 
I remember Dr. Weinhauer as my Personal Evangelism teacher, how careful he was that we understood our work and CE Youth teacher.  I especially appreciated the Christian Education seminar our senior year.  (1975).  
My favorite memory will be when you picked me up from the airport May 31, 1985 and you were all so excited about his getting to train Bible Study leaders.  I was headed to Alaska as a summer missionary with SEND, and it was a 5th Sunday evening at Willingdon.  Carlin was preaching, and he pointed at Lynda and said "you bring Vivian, and get there early.  Sit right in the middle section, and don't tell her what is coming." 
To me, he said "I get to preach tonight!"  It was the best possible start to a summer of missions ever!  We entered a hallway packed to the gills trying to get up to the auditorium.  Other languages besides English filled my ears.  It was the Sunday the Korean, Spanish and Deaf congregations joined the English one for communion, singing and preaching.  When Carlin preached, each sentence was translated to Spanish, and by the end of the evening my Spanish was coming back.  I could understand the testimonies of the Spanish folk before they were translated in the afterglow time.  It was so good to see that you'd been transplanted to a good growing ground. 
I remember one day when we were Mr. Adam's secretaries, Mr. Weinhauer insisted I come home and tell the girls about the witnessing opportunity I had had on the weekend heading up from Montana.  So I got to be there for supper, and learned so much.  In a very busy campus you folks had carved out time for family, making even the first snow of the season something to anticipate with gladness.   
May God's blessing rest on you and your family, and thank you for the example you have been.
Vivian Wall, Lustre, MT

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