Saturday, 3 May 2014

Alex Wiebe 1019

Hello everyone, I’m Alex Wiebe, I’m Becky’s son. I was born on a Sunday morning at Burnaby hospital. Right after grandpa was done preaching that morning, he came to the hospital to hold me just after I’d been born. After I grew up a bit, we could come visit him and grandma at the cottage a lot. He would take us down the road to the ice cream shop on the corner. He really loved ice cream and I never regretted that love of his. Whenever he came to visit us in California, you could always catch him soaking up some sun or reading a book outside. The sun was one of this favorite things about California. He and I shared a love for good looking cars, and especially driving really fast.

We also both loved music, although he was a better singer than I was. He had many other loves like a good game of Rook or travelling overseas, but one thing that I appreciated a bunch was the way he kept up with evolving technology. Smart phones and such advanced really quickly, but he kept pretty good pace with all that. His love for missions was inspiring and he left a powerful legacy of living full-out for God and for His people. I believe he is chatting it up with Moses right now, and I’m happy for him, but we’ll miss him.

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