Saturday, 3 May 2014

AJ Kinnee 10:14

Hi everyone. My name is AJ Kinnee, I’m Carlin’s eldest grandson. Thank you all for coming this morning. It was about right in the place I’m standing now, when my grandpa found out I was born while he preached about 21 years ago, and I would just like to share a few of the memories I have of him over my lifetime. During my childhood, when I was very young, my grandpa always used to like to take me out for breakfast at Denny’s. At the time he had a 1998 Toyota Camry, which he called his race car. And the way he would rev the engine right before we’d go off for breakfast, at my age I would have thought it was a Ferrari. We used to always go for the pancake and sausage breakfast and even today, every time I pass a Denny’s, I think of the times we had while eating pancakes at the diner.

Later on, my grandma hosted what they called Grandma and Grandpa camp, at their cottage in Birch Bay. And over the course of the week, my grandpa and grandma had an opportunity to speak into my life, my brother’s lives, and my cousin’s lives. We had a few seasons of that and it was a very special thing and a fun time for myself and us all.

During my last year of high school, my grandpa surprised me with a trip to Thailand. That was sort of like a graduation present, where my cousin, Jodie, and two friends got to go to Thailand and see what my grandpa was doing with his ministry in that country. We saw what he was doing out there, and that was really cool for me because I’ve always aspired to travel the world like he has in his life, and it was really special for me to take the first steps with him while we went to Thailand.

During that same year, or the next year after, I had the opportunity to be baptized by him on a river bank on Vancouver Island. Most of all the things I’ll remember about my grandpa was his consistent drive to be always doing something, his love of travel, his love of cars and driving fast. And most importantly his love of God and his passion for kingdom. Thank you.

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