Sunday, 4 May 2014


Thank you for your wonderful ministry together with Carlin.  He was my professor for one of my first classes at Briercrest in the fall of 1975, Communications.  His expertise in communications became very clear very fast.
I also studied homiletics with him in my second year at Briercrest.  That was a 7:30 am class that for a college student seemed unbearably early, but he was always there on time and upbeat.
One of the Carlinisms that didn't get mentioned was one he gave to my class that I remember to this day.  In preparing for a sermon he said to, "Get all you can, can all you get, but before you open the can, warm it up a little bit!"  I never heard anyone say "uffda" at yesterday's memorial.  I'm sure that was not unique to Carlin, but it was one of his favorites at one time.
I was privileged to serve with Carlin on Briercrest's board and always appreciated his perspective.
He was wise to recognize his limitations on certain issues, something that many leaders fail to do.  I also deeply appreciate the ministry of both of you to my parents.  They both felt loved by both of you and your ministry at Willingdon.  Carlin was one of a few men, that could influence my father when he would get entrenched in a position.  He was a source of wisdom for me too.
I always enjoyed the times I got to spend with Carlin wherever that occurred.
In this time of loss, I trust that you will look back to the many memories you have and that as you look forward you will know that you have very many friends that love you. 
Warren L. Dueck, FCA/CPA

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