Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Carlin Garden

The pot below was one I put together just two days before Carlin’s graveside service.  I dubbed it “The Carlin Garden.”  Forget Me Nots, one lone red geranium.  Carlin always loved the red geraniums I planted every year in our deck railing “window” boxes.  Loved any red flowers.   
We laid red roses on Carlin’s casket, as a family, just before it was lowered into the ground on Friday. It moved me to see the beautiful bouquets of flowers at the Memorial Service on Saturday, sprinkled with red roses.  Red.   He loved real flowers and had little time for silk—or anything fake, for that matter. 
He had little appreciation for anything that wasn’t real, i.e. novels, movies, unless they were based on real life stories.  Though someone remarked that he liked fast action car races.
I’m praying the Carlin garden will flourish this summer beyond belief!
Love to all,

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