Monday, 12 May 2014

The Way Up is Down

Today the sun is shining, the weather is beautiful and the students are smiling and happy that spring is here and summer is coming!  
I wonder how you are doing today.  I pray for you often. 
The picture of you and Carlin is on our kitchen desk at home.  I loved Carlin’s memorial service.  It was inspiring and made me want to serve God more faithfully, more whole-heartedly, more passionately and more creatively for whatever length of time He has for me on this earth.  I love it that you and Carlin never stopped working to build the kingdom of God.  It is beautiful and inspirational.
I was very moved by Norm Funk’s tribute at the service.  He was a friend of mine from Camp Firwood days and I have always been inspired by how God’s grace has moved and developed Norm in ministry.  I think Carlin’s encouragement and prayer was a big part of that success.
I wrote a blog article about Carlin and Norm on our ACS Blog entitled “Inside Out”.  The blog article is called “The Way Up is Down.”  I hope it encourages you.
If you want to put the link on your blog, it might be great for others to read this as well.  It is a beautiful testimony of Carlin’s work in people’s lives.  He certainly encouraged me in my ministry as well.  I hope you don’t mind me putting the photo from your blog inside the article.
Did you ever get that chimney replaced for your fireplace inside?  Let me know if you need help with that.  Let me know if you need me to come down to work outside on your place.  I offered to come down with Howard or JP any time.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with JP down there a few weeks ago and it was a real honor to serve you both in a practical way.
Blessings and prayers for you today…
Gerry Goertzen
Secondary Principal
Abbotsford Christian School

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