Wednesday, 14 May 2014

We care!!

Dear Marcia,
Our thoughts and prayers have been with you ever since Marilyn Zink let us know about Carlin’s illness.  Words really can’t express how our hearts ached for you as you went through those weeks and then so quickly he was taken from you.  We know a little bit about a sudden loss and also about God’s sufficiency in such times so have been asking the God of ALL comfort to be there for you and your precious family. 
I was so blessed to watch the podcast of Carlin’s service and through tears rejoiced at a life so well lived.  What a privilege it has been to have known you both!  Seems to me that the last time we were together was at BBC when I got to visit you and you were dealing with your cancer.
We have been retired now for 10 years and it was at that time that Gerald was diagnosed with chronic leukemia.  For 8 years it did nothing but 2 years ago (about the time we moved into a condo) his levels began to go up.  This past summer his WBC was 200 and Hgb 9 and he was very weak and tired so they decided it was time for chemo.  He had one treatment about a month ago and was to have had one this Monday but the blood not good enough so likely next week – they hope to do 6 treatments and then hope for some remission. 
This was the first year we couldn’t go to see Jen and family in VA.  Our g’son Jordan was married in TX in Nov and I attended the wedding alone.  Our son Mike and family will be moving back to Wpg after being in Bolivia and Uruguay for 20 years – Mike will be the new Can Dir for Avant.  We certainly will enjoy having a child close by.  Mike is married to Carolyn Clements (Don & Jan (Harwood’s )daughter) Jen is married to Les Sillars also a grad of BBC and he a journalism prof at Patrick Henry College in VA.
Marcia how I’d love to give you a big HUG but be assured that we’ll continue to pray for you knowing that you now need to find a “new normal”.  Give yourself time and let others be there for you!
Much love,
Mavis for us both

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