Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A thank you....

I wanted to thank you for sharing Pastor Carlin with Willingdon church for so many years.  His years of serving God with us made a lasting impact.  For our family, my husband came back to the Lord at Willingdon church during those years and after cancer is now also safe with the Lord.  That has been the biggest comfort.

We met at Willingdon and when our son was born we liked the 'C' names: Carlin, Carson and Carston but after much thought about it, only one of those names really meant "man of God" to us so we named our son Carlin.  He is 8 now and is learning about the Lord in Willingdon's kids programs.

One of my favourite sayings from Pastor Carlin that has stuck with me is "Keep the big things big and the little things little." I also remember how he prayed for each of us in the church directory.

Praying for God's comfort for you, His strength for the little things and the big and praying that He pours down His blessings on you and your family as He has so faithfully taken care of our family.

Lucille, Madeline and Carlin Folkeringa

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