Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Tribute 1

Dear Marcia and Carlin,

You have been on our hearts for quite sometime, and I was not sure how to send an email, until I spoke with Ray and Robyn and they directed me to your blog. I know Ron has written on behalf of us both, and Marcia I just finished reading your blog of today's date, April 16th and the hymn, " O that will be, glory for me, Glory for me, Glory for me, when by His grace I will look in His face, that will be glory, be glory for me" came to mind.

Oh what a wonderful glory awaits your dear Carlin, Marcia. On Good Friday 43 years ago our Heavenly Father called my dad home. It was a sudden home going as my dad was only 46 and I was 12....and yet my Dad was called to glory and I know without a shadow of a doubt that he looked into the face of Jesus, but oh the heartache of saying goodbye. I think of you Marcia, and your family as you say goodbye to a wonderful man.

And so, as I got ready for work the other morning, the tears streamed down by face as I thought of Carlin and you. I stopped, and bent my knees in prayer for you both and to thank God for the impact you have had in our lives, especially our ministry while we were at Willingdon. What a fabulous and rich ministry team experience. Thank you for being faithful to God's call and leading as the senior pastor and couple. Thank you for the care and love you showed toward Ron and me, as well as to Cody, Luke, Janaya and Mikayla. I will never forget being in labour with Cody, and it was quite a long delivery and I would not let Ron leave the delivery room to phone and give an update. Then, while in the delivery room, we received your phone call Carlin, asking how things were going. No other pastor-friend would do that. But Carlin and you cared. You both cared and loved Ron and us, dedicated our children, led a diaper drive, brought us the bran muffin mix, had us in your home and at your cottage. Thank you for impacting our lives. Thanks to Carlin for providing Ron the opportunity to preach at Willingdon, for providing him room to grow. Willingdon was truly the best ministry experience and when we do go back to Willingdon or met friends from that time period, our hearts are blessed.

I have so many wonderful memories of our times at Willingdon from Cedar Springs, to the family Christmas Eve services, to the church picnics, the Swanguard stadium gatherings, New Year's Eve celebrations, and many more. And yet, the resounding picture is Carlin and you together, side by side, hand in hand, proclaiming God's faithfulness. (I also remember Carlin speaking at Fair Havens Bible Conference in Ontario when I was a teenager....speaking on dating and relationships...the illustration of the toboggan run)

So we continue to pray, pray for you Marcia as you gradually say goodbye and let go of Carlin. We pray that he will be free of pain, and in some remarkable way will known the sure presence of our Heavenly Father and that you too, will be upheld by the prayers of many. Please know that Carlin and you are dearly loved. Thank you for being faithful.

With a deep love, and our prayers,


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