Monday, 21 April 2014

Tribute to Dear Brother Carlin

From Chicago
Dear Marcia

Rebecca and I have been following Carlin’s journey from afar; we have read your updates with interest, love and tears. And now he is home.

I remember meeting Carlin for the first time at the post office at Briercrest the fall that we began
teaching together. Rebecca and I were so appreciative of both of you, not just for your love for the Lord but your focused interest in students. I admired Carlin’s directness in his teaching and preaching: no nonsense, just integrity, honest and deep commitment. Whatever it took to serve the Lord, that is what he did. Rebecca and I felt an immediate friendship with you folks because there was no pretense, just reality as it was. What an impact both of you had!

I believe that the reason that the Judgment Seat of Christ is at the rapture is because all the good we
have done is not yet finished. Our dear brother Carlin will be generously rewarded for his faithfulness, his focused commitment and determination to do the will of God at any cost. “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord…their works do follow them.”

We count it a privilege to be among your friends though so many miles have separated us for so many years. So to you, our dear sister, we extend our love and prayers. We wish we could be there with you for the memorial service but know that Christ will be exalted through the life of one who loved the Lord so passionately.
Erwin and Rebecca Lutzer

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