Monday, 21 April 2014


Dear Marcia & Family
We, along with many others here in Kelowna, have followed yours and Carlin’s Journey. 
We’ve heard and read how this moment in your lives have been such a sadness for all of you.
We rejoice in knowing you will see him once again.  What a blessed assurance!
What anticipate that day will be when we all see Jesus and ALL our loved ones again.
We’ve been praying – and will continue to pray for you as a family in days ahead.  God WILL give you the grace and peace when it’s needed.  Rest in HIS comfort.  Take the time to heal through the grieving.
Marcia – it would be wonderful to connect with you again on Facebook if/when you have time at a later date.  Cal & I were in the same class with you at BBI from 1960 – 1963.  Not sure if you graduated with us but Carlin was a year ahead of our class if I remember correctly.  We were able to attend our Grad Class Reunion last April 2013 at Caronport and that type of reunion gave us a “taste” of what Heaven is going to be like.
Rest in all those promises God has given.  We will be thinking of you and the whole family at the Memorial day service for Carlin on May 2nd.
Christian prayers and much love

Cal & Tudy (Familinow) Fortnum

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