Saturday, 19 April 2014


I am shedding tears as I write.  The pain of losing a man so close to all of you is a loss that seems unbearable.  He and your family have played an important role in our lives.  Growing up at the church, who can forget Dating, Diamond's and Marriage.  We were honored to have him officiate at our wedding 22 years ago.  When my dad passed away, your were there during the last hours.  What an honor that you both came back from sabbatical to do the service for him.  I remember one comment he made.  "Bob, we didn't have enough time on this earth to talk, and when I get to heaven, we are going to find a palm tree and sit on top and talk for a hundred years."  Today they are doing that.
To the 3 daughters he left behind, my heart is breaking for you.  You are and will be in my prayers.
To Marcia, he was blessed to have a wife like you.
Blessings and prayers to all of you.
Erwin, Cheryl, Madison & Jared Kathler

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