Saturday, 19 April 2014

And it is Easter

Dear Marcia and Family;
We learned  through Phil and Marcia, of Carlin's sudden illness and now today, through an email from Lil Diggins, that he is with the Lord.
We had read the blog late yesterday afternoon again, to get the latest update.  How sudden and quick.  Your email today is simply amazing . What courage and strength to be able to share the details so soon. 
Although Les and I have been out of touch for many, many years, the memories that are associated with you are memories of lives full of vision, vim, vigour, exceptional talent and gifted to speak and minister with results.  We would hear reports through the years from one place or another and each time, in reflection, there would be the thought of how God was just abundantly blessing your ministry. It would have been a special blessing to slip into the pew at Willingdon, where you pastored for so many years.
   Les and I do want to extend our love and sympathy at this time Marcia.  The waves will roll in, and overwhelm, but God has also ordained the tide to ebb.   At these times we pray you will sense a peace and calm.   We pray this for you and  your girls and all members of your family.
   Indeed it will be a big celebration as you gather to honor his life and work. 
   Thinking of your Marcia, and praying for you . 
   Sending our love,
   Les and Peggy Leskewich

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