Saturday, 5 April 2014


From Marcia:
Carlin is fading fast.  He is not able to eat foods, and only sips on liquids, some of which he can no longer tolerate.  It is so very sad for us as his family to be so very helpless and to watch how he is suffering such a horrendous illness.
I praise the Lord that he is suffering little physical pain, and I attribute that to the prayers of all the precious friends who are praying all across the country—and in other countries.  And we ask for prayers for gracious care for Carlin today.

Our Becky, who is a nurse, has been with us for almost two weeks now, at a time when we so needed someone to help us walk through all the doctor’s appointment, the chemo experience, the medications.  The rest of our family is gathering here with us today and overnight and part of tomorrow to have some time with Grandpa/Dad.  It is so good to be together.
While here, the grandsons and sons in law are going to do some yard projects for us.  Precious time, and I am so grateful.
Love you,
Marcia, for all the family

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