Friday, 18 April 2014

Tribute 4 - Thank you

Dear Carlin and Marcia,

I just heard the news about the cancer yesterday and was able to read your last blog post last night as we were shutting down the power for the night where I am working.

I'm sure you wouldn't remember me, however I am one of the many lives who was impacted by your ministry at Willingdon.  
I grew up going to "boring" church, and tried to slip out of the service telling my mom I was going to go sit with friends.  Then when God did start to do the work of drawing me towards Himself, I ended up sticking around the service one Sunday morning.  That morning in the message you talked about an underage club in Vancouver I had heard about and wanted to go to.  You bashed it pretty well, and I took your rant personally finding myself getting very angry as teenage boys tend to be able to do.  
I remember coming back the next week to find out how you were going to insult me again, and the message was one about restoration of relationships, especially between a father and son.  This message struck a chord in my heart as it was full of hate for my dad.  God used that message to begin the healing process between me and my own father so that seven years later, when he died, our relationship was healed.

Through your preaching, my life was impacted in a very meaningful way.  I also remember you taking some time for me to show me how your sermons were prepared and you taught me that Christ isn't Jesus last name.  I went on to Bible College, and have spent most of my adult life serving in camp ministry.  Last year I went to Israel for three months and fell in love with the Jewish people, and hope God will call me to help bring the gospel back to where it all began.

Thank you both for your faithful ministry.  You and your family will always have a special place in my heart.

Your brother in Christ,

Steven Stemmler

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