Friday, 18 April 2014

Tribute 2 - Hi from the Peters !!

We have been praying daily - nightly and in between for you both and your lovely family.......we know this has to be a very hard journey for you all !!
The month of April is always a very special and sometimes hard one for us because it is when our 'Andy' left us for Heaven !!   will be 18 years on April 28   --  we have such great memories of you Carlin and Marcia how you were so very kind over this terrible time of our lives.......and we have always  be thankful that you were 'God's helpers' to give us the love and care that we needed...
Thank you for all the years that you have blessed and helped soooooo many people that came across your lives......God has done great things thru your ministry !!  and we know Jesus will say 'well done - you did a great job and were faithful'    that is a super legacy to leave behind !! 
I know you would be interested in hearing that this year there will be 55 more underprivileged kids going to camp thru Union Gospel Mission (thanks to Andy's camp fund) making the total number of kids who have attended camp thru this fund at   '1000' !!! we are very excited that God has used this memorial for good and someday will meet many that have accepted Christ.....
Carlin - when the 'day is done' here and you  meet Jesus - Will you say HI to Andy from us ?!!! 
Then one day (who knows when our time is up ) - we will all have a great reunion !! see you then !!!
Lots of Love      Vic & Mary Peters and family

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