Sunday, 20 April 2014

Tribute from Peter and Cheri

Dear Marcia,

We cannot know the depth of loss with the homegoing of Pastor Carlin; our hearts go out to you and are prayers continue with you.  You and he will always have a place in our hearts.

As I reflect on the years at Willingdon, so much comes to mind of the kind of man Carlin has been.  I can still see his smile when I came down into the baptismal tank, and will always remember him baptizing me.  He was always good with names, and many times encouraged me to read the Bible every day.  Of course you were VERY instrumental in Cheri and me meeting at Les and Doreen Harris’ Bible study, thanks to your encouraging Cheri to get into a Bible study and introducing her to Lita Chow, who was part of that very group. :)  You and he were also our first pastoral couple when we were becoming a couple and when we were married.

Pastor Carlin was instrumental in providing a solid foundation for us, indeed through deep, expository and practical preaching; in addition, his godly example clearly showed, because he clearly has had - right into eternity - a love and unquenchable enthusiasm for Jesus.  He exemplified what he urged so many of us to do: “Live for Jesus.”  It speaks tremendously when a man of God demonstrates what he exhorts others to do.

We will miss Pastor Carlin and will always remember him - knowing that we will see him again is always of great comfort, thanks to our Lord Jesus.  May our gracious heavenly Father keep you safe and uphold you every moment of every day.  May He continue to guide your steps in this new chapter of your walk with Him.


Peter and Cheri

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