Friday, 18 April 2014

Tribute 3 - Blessings

Dear Carlin and Marcia,
I just saw June Stinson's post on Facebook and this was the first news I had heard of your cancer..  I wanted to take a moment to pass along greetings and a "thank-you".
As you might recall, I attended Willingdon during the years I worked for Elwood Veitch in Burnaby. You had such an amazing influence on the community of Burnaby and were really looked to, and respected for, the individual impact you had on people there.  It was so refreshing for me to see a pastor who cared enough about his community that he would make it a point to be heavily involved in service organizations like Rotary, and in the lives of people who were committed to public service, regardless of political stripe.  You directly impacted Elwood and Sheila's life, and I believe his faith was strengthened and became personal because of your direct connection.   
We just finished studying a book called "Tangible Kingdom" at church, and it was a nice reminder that you were one of the earliest pastors I knew who made a strategic point of bringing the church to the community.  Thank you for your example.
Blessings to you and to your family at this time.  Rest knowing that you had such a tremendous and personal impact on many lives and your faithfulness in service is recognized on earth and in heaven.
God's blessings and peace.
Brian Ratzliff

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